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BBQ Design tips and Ideas
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Safety Tips for Barbecue & Grilling

Combining explosive fuels with food, hot metals, and large groups of people can cause be a recipe for disaster if you are not careful. Of course, there is more to outdoor cooking safety than just the fire.

Outdoor living - Australia is made for it! There’s nothing quite like kicking back with some friends and a great Aussie BBQ on a warm summer’s evening

A paved area or deck without any shade from the sun or cover from rain has limited value. We looked at ways of providing an outdoor space that could be utilised no matter the weather

An ‘indoor/outdoor’ room is really the natural extension of alfresco living. It solves many of the dilemmas posed by weather and it has proved to be a very popular feature.

BBQ tips and Ideas

Traditional backyard barbecues that function well have several things in common. The cooking surface should end up very near the same height of your bathroom sink. For many people this is between 28 and 30 inches. If you are a tall person, you may want the surface at 900 mm or so

A simple, efficient and sleek brick barbecue can be constructed within two days. It will serve well for many years and requires not one trowel of mortar! You stack it together like toy blocks

The outdoor room will still be a major venue for dining, of course, but more often than not it will be of a more informal and relaxed nature than inside the house.

And look down, too. Whilst timber decking will still be the “choice du jour” for many people, luxurious “inside look” pavers and tiles are increasingly used to blur the distinction between what is “indoors” and what is “outdoors”, with the same tile often flowing out seamlessly from the living/dining area.

indoor-outdoor rooms making the outside an extension of the principal construction.

A Grerat effect is with a large format TV and DVD player wall-mounted undercover in your outdoor area, with speakers positioned to suit the seating arrangement. It doubles as a great way to deliver music or sports coverage to an informal dinner party, too

BBQ New Concepts

Adding heating to your outdoor space extends its usage throughout the year

For a really relaxing luxurious touch, try integrating garden beds and water features with your decking and walls

Wall mounted ‘trickling’ fountains add the gentle sound of a summer creek with a practical cooling effect, run into a pond where the water can be reticulated back up to the top of the wall again

Whether carrying out an extensive landscaping project or adding a new feature to the garden, timber offers homeowners a versatile decorative or building product, which can be easily adapted for an array of applications such as screens, fences, decks and bench seating.

BBQ Consider the day-to-day experience

Consider the day-to-day experience of sorage and fing items in your home.


BBQ Light and brightness

The largest variety of Barbeque Lighting! All types, low voltage, high voltage, clip mounted, base mounted, short or tall, you are sure to find the right outdoor light

Highlighting features in your garden or around the home can make a dramatic backdrop to outdoor entertaining areas.

Marine grade stainless steel will increase the life of your outdoor lighting if salt corrosion is a problem

Flush fittings on stairs or decks make it safe to walk around at night.

Motion detectors will mean you never come home to a dark house

Never use indoor lighting that is not designed to also be used outdoors






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